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If you want to spend some time deep in Nature with your camera, I'll be happy to arrange a One to One Workshop or a Group Workshop in the legendary Gulf of Poets in Italy and in many other European destinations.

We'll plan every detail together to transform a simple workshop in a real photographic experience.


The course objective will be to develop your creative vision and photographic techniques with an emphasis on "getting it right in camera". We will cover in depth the techniques used to create stunning landscape shots using Long Exposures.
Participants will leave motivated and empowered to go on and produce their own body of work.

We will study the following topics in depth:

- Camera-craft
- Composition
- Exposure using histograms
- Use of filters
- Long Exposure techniques
- ..and any other points of interest that arises

Contact me and we will create together the perfect workshop!

No time to join me on field? Let's do by Skype!

After numerous request, I am now very happy to offer One on One Skype classes. In these completely customized classes we could cover any of these following topics:

- Portfolio review

- Advices to improve skills & composition

- Post production

- Planning

Jut send me a message and we'll define every detail!

Picture review service

Are you not interested in a complete Workshop but you want a professional review on your pictures? I can provide an exhaustive photo critics on:

- Composition

- Technique

- Post production

Just contact me.. But be prepared: no mercy!!! ;) 

Gift Cards

Are you looking for a truly unique photographic experience for your loved one? Reserve a Skype lesson or private Masterclass in the marvelous Gulf of Poets with me!

Fully customizable photographic experiences are available as Gift Cards!

Just drop me a message and we can plan every detail!

Interested in photography trips and courses?

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Scheduled Workshop

Liguria: Il Golfo dei Poeti (Nuova data!)

Un weekend di fotografia nella suggestiva cornice del Golfo dei Poeti in provincia di La Spezia


24-25 Marzo 2018  (Posti disponibili)

5 Terre - La Grande Bellezza (Nuova data)

Questo Workshop ti porterà nel cuore delle Cinque Terre in Liguria, Patrimonio Mondiale dell'Umanità UNESCO per vivere un weekend all'insegna della fotografia! 


17-18 Febbraio 2018 (Posti disponibili)

PhotoPills Camp 2018 (Sold Out)

Are you ready for the best photographic experience of your life?

Past Workshops

Fotografare il Paesaggio: Dalla Pianificazione alla Stampa 

Dalla pianificazione dello scatto, attraverso le tecniche di esecuzione fino alla post produzione per preparare le nostre immagini alla pubblicazione online o alla stampa in una giornata in aula assieme ad EIZO Italia! Unica data: 1 Dicembre 2017

Lighthouses of Brittany

Do you like waking up late in the morning and spending all the day in shopping? This trip is not for you :)


6th-10th October 2017 (Sold out)

Iceland: Exploring the South

An unforgettable experience exploring the south coast of the land of ice and fire! 


11-12 March 2017 (sold out)

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